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Investor Relations

Investor Relations Division
The paid-up capital of ELETROBRÁS, of R$ 20,612,195,909.48, is comprised of 537,502,420,880 shares, of which 452,511,763,550 are common (84.19%), 73,460,000 are preferred class "A" (0.01%) and 84,917,297,330 preferred class "B" shares (15.80%).

Under the Company's by-laws and according to the on-going legislation, the dividends unclaimed within the period of three years, counted from the date that they were available, would fall into decay, in favor of the Company. Preferred shares are non-voting, non-convertible, but take priority in capital reimbursement and dividend distribution at the rate of 8% p.a., for class "A" shares (subscribed until June 23, 1969), and 6% p.a. for class "B" shares (subscribed as from June 24, 1969).

As from September/94, ELETROBRÁS' shares are being recorded under book entry form, under custody of Banco Itaú S.A.

In order to keep their files updated, the shareholders should inform any changes regarding address and bank account number for dividends payment, at the nearest Banco Itaú branch of the shareholders' city (list of branches below).

The holders of former certificate shares should demand the conversion of such shares to the electronic record, by presenting themselves at Banco Itaú branch, with their certificates.

After the shares are converted to the electronic form, the shareholder will receive, in the indicated address, a record of the most recent shareholding position, and information regarding the dividends from the last 3 fiscal years, by payment order or credit in a selected account.

The Company's shares are traded mainly in São Paulo Stock Exchange, under Elet3, for the common and Elet5 for the preferred class "A" shares and Elet6 for the preferred class "B" shares.

In 1995, negotiations of ELETROBRÁS common and preferred shares were launched effectively in the U.S. market, in the over-the-counter-market. The Company initiated two ADR Level I programs, one for the common and the other for the preferred class "B" shares. Each ADR being equivalent to 500 shares of either type, traded under CAIFY (common) and CAIGY (preferred class "B"). The Brazilian clearing house for the Company's programs is the CBLC- São Paulo Stock Exchange, and the Morgan Guaranty Trust as depositary bank.

From September 2000 on ELETROBRÁS shares started being traded in the european market, through LATIBEX ( a DR program for latin-american companies, the trades took place in stock exchanges in Spain). At LATIBEX, the shares of ELETROBRÁS are traded blocks of 500 shares under the symbol XELETO, for common shares and XELETP, for preferred shares.

In order to obtain further information about ELETROBRÁS' shares, please contact:

Av. Presidente Vargas, 409 - 9th floor
Edifício Herm Stoltz
20071-003 - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
Phone numbers:
Investor Relation area: (55)(21) 25146331 / 6333
Compulsory Loan area: (55)(21) 25146337 / 6339
Fax#: (55) (21) 25145964

Departamento de Atendimento Unificado
Tel.: (0XX11) 3188-5914
End.: Rua Boa Vista, 185 - 7º andar - corpo V - 01014-001 - SP/SP

The attendance branches for shareholders information is:

São Paulo (SP) Rua Boa Vista, 180 – sub-solo
Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Rua Sete de Setembro, 99 - subsolo
Salvador (BA) Av. Estados Unidos, 50 - 2º andar Edifício Sesquicentenário
Curitiba (PR) Rua João Negrão, 65
Porto Alegre (RS) Rua Sete de Setembro, 746 - s/loja
Belo Horizonte (MG) Rua João Pinheiro, 195 - térreo
Brasília (DF) SCS Quadra 3 - s/loja - Ed. Dona Ângela

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